The 11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG [ARC-11]

November 28-30,2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

Conference Themes

Nepal Geological Society has planned for the main theme of the conference as “Engineering Geology for Geodisaster Management”. Sub-themes of the conference include:

1. Engineering Geology of Landslides
1.1 Landslides, Debris flows, and Rockfall
1.2 Landslide hazard and risk evaluation
1.3 Landslide risk reduction
1.4 Slope stability
1.5 Landslide dams and their management
1.6 Landslide Dam Outburst Flood (LDOF)
1.7 Urbanization on mountain slopes
1.8 Rainfall-induced landslides
1.9 Earthquake-induced landslides
1.10 Anthropogenic landslides
1.11 Landslide dating
1.12 Large-scale landslides and old landslide topography
2. Neotectonics
2.1 Active faults and associated earthquakes
2.2 Himalayan tectonics
2.3 Crustal dynamics and recent earthquake sources
3. Geohazards in Asia
3.1 Flood hazards
3.2 Volcanic hazards
3.3 Tsunami hazards
4. Engineering Geology in sustainable development and urban planning
5. Foundation, underground geology, groundwater
6. Tunneling and related geodisaster management
7. New Technology
8. 2015-Gorkha Earthquake
8.1 Earthquake mechanism and tectonics
8.2 Engineering geological consequences 
8.3 Damage assessment
8.4 Earthquake-induced landslide
8.5 Seismic hazard and low cost design for earthquake safe buildings
8.6 Ground response
8.7 Rescue, relief and reconstruction 
9. Climate modeling for geohazard assessment
10. Marine Engineering Geology and related geohazards
11. Engineering geology of mines and quarry sites


Geoethics in Engineering Geology and georisk reduction

IAPG Sponsored Session 

13. Prevention of Geo-disaster sites and Geopark Management
14. Relationship between slope instabilities and road/railway presence
15. Land subsidence in coastal and inland areas
16. Engineering geology for disaster risk reduction
17. Response and reaction of earth materials to natural phenomena
18. Integrated engineering geology in infrastructural development for stability and sustainability
19. Case studies for geohazard management

Rockfall hazard and its mitigation

20.1 Rockfall hazard and its evaluation
20.2 Rockfall protection systems and their performance
20.3 High altitude rock slope failures
20.4 Rockfall hazards on road side slopes and hydropower projects
21. University courses on engineering geology 
22. Other geohazards and hazard management
22.1 Snow Avalanche
22.2 Flood hazard management
22.3 Glacial lake outburst
22.4 Dating of geohazards
23. Others – related to engineering geology and geodisaster management