The 11th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG [ARC-11]

November 28-30,2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

Ex-2: Kathmandu-Pokhara tour

Post-conference excursions

Ex-2: Kathmandu-Pokhara roadside slope protection work and Pokhara Valley tour (three-day)

Excursion two (Ex-2) is basically a field excursion tour on the first day and partly on the second day. Kathmandu-Pokhara roadway is about 200 km, but in Nepal, it takes about six hours to travel this distance at an average speed of 40 km/h. So, on the first day, we will see a few landslide sites on the way to Pokhara, and on the second day, we will go to an area in Pokhara valley and observe geology of the Pokhara valley. In Pokhara, especially in the morning time, we can see the marvelous panoramic view of the Annapurna Range of the Himalaya, and also take a pleasure flight on an ultralight plane for 30 minutes to one hour. You may stay longer in Pokhara if you wish, but you will have to notify us of your plan so that we can book your return air ticket to Kathmandu appropriately. T

The excursion program starts on December 1, 2017. Early morning after having breakfast in the hotel, all the participants will be picked up from Hotel Yak and Yeti. Detail schedule of the excursion is given below:

Dec.1 (Fri): Kathmandu to Pokhara via Prithvi Highway

7:30 Departure from Hotel Yak & Yeti

9:00 Site 2-1: Naubise –Thankot road tunnel project (Stop 1)

  • Topography and geology of Thankot, west end of the Kathmandu Valley
  • Naubise –Thankot road tunnel project
  • Tunnel portal observation

10:00-10:30 Site 2-2: Galchhi (Stop 2)

  • High-grade metamorphic rocks along the Main Central Thrust (MCT)
  • Plain failure and Topping and mica-schists
  • Topography the Trisuli River and its terrace
  • Debris flow fan and its deposits due to 1993 disaster.
  • Origin of small valley and bridge site selection

11:00-12:00 Site 2-3: Aadamghat (Stop 3) at Gasoline station

  • Terrace deposits of the Trisuli River
  • Landslide scraps on the northern mountain slope
  • Landslide topography of the southern mountain slope

12:30 Site 2-4: Krishnabhir (Stop 4)

  • Rainfall-induced landslide in August 2000.
  • Toppling on large-scale landslide topography on the foot of southern mountain slope
  • Low-cost countermeasure by using bio-engineering and water management

13:15-14:00 Site 2-5: Riverside Spring Resort (Stop 5 Lunch)

  • Terrace and riverbed sediments of the Trisuli River

14:10-14:40 Site 2-6: Slow moving creep (Stop 6)

  • Observations of slow-moving creeps
  • Evaluation of damages on road and maintenance of pavement

15:00-15:15 Site 2-7: Ruwa Khola check-dam site (brief observation only)

  • Japanese type Sabo Dam in Nepal
  • Check dam performance

15:30-16:00 Site 2-8: Landslide dam site (Stop 7)

  • Landslide occurred after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake
  • Fractured and disturbed quartzites of large-scale landslide
  • Pleistocene landslide dam and paleo-lake originated terrace distributed upstream from the site

17:45 Arrival hotels at Lakeside, Pokhara

  • Check in & dinner as you like

Dec 2 (Sat): Pokhara Valley

7:30 Departure from hotels

8:00-8:30 Site 2-9: Sarangkot (Stop 8)

  • Topography of the Annapurna Range and the Seti River terrace disturbed quartzites of large-scale landslide
  • Huge glacier lake outburst foods during the retrogression of Annapurna glacier in postglacial age
  • Paleo-lake due to huge glacier lake outburst floods (debris flow) deposits
  • Landslide topography and deposits of Sarangkhot

9:30-10:00 Site 2-10: Armala (Stop 9)

  • Topography of the Kali Khola valley
  • Sediments of the paleo-lake dammed by huge glacier lake outburst debris flow deposits
  • Occurrence and property of fine silty clay in lake deposits
  • Occurrence and mechanism of sinkholes

11:00-11:30 Site 2-11: Ramghat (Stop 10)

  • Topography of the Seti River and terrace
  • Occurrence and property of the Pokhara Gravel
  • Topographic change due to flood of the Seti River

12:00-13:30 Site 2-12: Lakeside of the Phewa lake (Stop 11, lunch)

  • Topography of the Seti River Gorge and terrace
  • Occurrence and property of the Pokhara Gravel 
  • Topographic change due to flood of the Seti River

14:00 Site 2-13 Stopover at Pokhara Airport

14:30-15:00 Site 5-15: Davis fall (Patale Chhango)

  • Topography of the Pardi Khola Gorge and Davis Fall
  • Occurrence of the Pokhara Gravel

15:00-15:30 Site 5-16: Gupteshwar Cave (Stop12)

  • Sinkhole topography of Gupteshwar Cave
  • Groundwater in Gupteshwar Cave and Davis Fall
  • What is the Shiva statue?

16:00 Arrival at lakeside and free time to have walk around lakeside and have your favorite dinner of your own choice!

Day 3 (Sunday): Departure from Pokhara

8:00 AM Breakfast at hotel and free time for shopping

9:30 AM onwards, return by road in the same bus and drop in Hotel Yak and Yeti or return by air to Kathmandu (optional, need extra US$ 122.00, contact Travel Agent for air ticket)

Excursion coordinator: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal

Excursion Fee:  US$320 

(*includes all entrance fee, transportation, 2 nights hotel accommodation, 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches. Minimum number of participants required for this tour is 12 persons)

Please note: The fee does not include airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu & dinner. Extra cost for airfare from Pokhara to Kathmandu is US$ 122.00 for foreign participants. Participants can contact official travel agents for detail of booking of air tickets from Pokhara to Kathmandu.